a2 – the first humble steps 25. July 2015

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My wannabe ac’tivAid replacement script framework a2 is finally getting some momentum!:

Still heavily wip! But at least now it actually does something!!
I also made an animated diagram to show how the a2 cycle rolls:
a2_layoutBut well, that’s probably not too obvious, is it? So first things first. Since I never posted about this:
What is this about!? ac’tivAid was already some kind of framework to put together Autohotkey scripts.

AutoHotkey (AHK) is a free, open-source macro-creation and automation software for Windows that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. It is driven by a scripting language that was initially aimed at providing keyboard shortcuts, otherwise known as hotkeys, that over time evolved into a full-fledged scripting language.

ac’tivAid bundled a whole bunch of those in one Autohotkey runtime and you could enable/disable them, make settings and all that. Why am I talking in past tense? You can still download latest ac’tivAid dev version from Michael Telgkamps homepage. It’s still kinda nice but things start to break and really nobody is maintaining it.

But fear not: I’m about to present you the future! :] on the github wiki I put together some of the goals:

  1. decoupled ui and runtime
  2. use of latest Autohotkey_L
  3. active open source development
  4. easier contributing, setup, better flexibility

And actually I tackled all of those points already to some extent. The ones that recently make me jump in circles out of coding excitement are the following:

  • new script creation (with meta data) and editing
  • support for global and context sensitive hotkeys
  • instant change of hotkeys

Next up: some improvements to the scope and hotkey setup, making sure there’s only one ui and one ahk-runtime at a time, implement setting valiables (fields, checkboxes) and a looooot of security checks. Currently it’s super easy to blow yourself up. So it will take a wile until this can go puplic.

I’m really looking forward to making some videos on how to use and how to develop for it.

company lunch scribble round 1 21. January 2015

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Pretty humble update. But an update nonetheless! :]

As I hardly find time to take part in a digital speed painting round that a couple friends of mine are doing almost every week at a late evening I found it very accommodating that some co-workers were organising a lunch time analog scetching group now! That doesn’t exclude anything from each other but it’s a good alternative.

For starters we did a classic: The skull! And some random shapes. I think I have to improve on proportions! … and taking pictures apparently.

company lunch scribble round 1

song of the day: The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give 24. September 2014

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This made my day: The good old Cinematic Orchestra.

Somehow I always though that “Slip Into Something More Comfortable” (sadly not on YouTube) is by them.. But it’s obviously “Kinobe” … Hmm ok then this must be another song… hmmm…

Btw: I just also added this to my Secret Agent Playlist on YouYube.
Secret Agent is a simply amazing internet radio channel on the also awesome Soma FM station. Strongly recommended!

[Hello World 1K] 19. September 2013

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Now a less hungry gif!:

from:  >

Click it or read more for the real thing.


wwetterraddarr über Berlin Sommer 2013 20. June 2013

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Whoow! Bedrohlich schieben sich da die Wolken über Berlin zusammen.
Schon erstaunlich, dass das auf dem Wetterradar so aussieht!
Da hab ich doch einfach mal nen gif gebaut:

ren phase

Chrome vs. Firefox 20. February 2013

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Its just that way: I’m a long term Firefox fan boy.
But there has always been reason for that! Its not like I hate Chrome or google. Quite the opposite! I’d love to use Chrome. But it turns out over and over again that Firefox is just more awesome… I mean.. For my use case!

Okay, Here is my 1 on 1. I’ll amend it when I find new stuff:

ren phase 10. February 2013

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Finally again: an animated gif I made:

ren phase

vimeo bigger video 7. April 2011

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A little more JavaScripting.. If you go to vimeo. e.g. like this:

you might recognize that the video is quite small and you cannot do something about it (besides fullscreen, and waiting 3,5h for the flash-Esc-fullscreen message to disappear). Now you can!


btw: is a little slow these days. Here is a backup: vimeo_bigger_video.user.js

vimeo bigger video

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Nochn kleines bißchen mehr JavaScripterei.. Wenn du mal zu vimeo gehst. So z.B.:

dann müsst du feststellen, dass das Video relativ klein ist und man daran nix ändern kann (ausser Vollbild natürlich und gefühlte 3,5h auf das Ausblenden der flash-Escape-Meldung warten). Kann man jetzt!


btw: is gerade ganz schön lahm manchmal. Hier isn backup bei mir: vimeo_bigger_video.user.js Fotostrecke Anpassen 2. February 2011

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Der Herr * hatte mal nen schönes Greasemonkey-Script für die Spiegel Online Fotostrecke geschrieben.: Spiegel Online Fotostrecke Anpassen. Das nimmt diese doofe Übersichtsseite (z.B.) aus der Schleife und man kann die Fotos einfach durchklicken und kommt am Anfang wieder an ohne zu denken: ÄHH! WASn JETZT los? SPAM?

Leider geht das nich mehr. Wurde zwar im September erst geupdatet aber offensichtlich wurde da ne Menge auf im Hintergrund umgestellt. Na ich hab mich ma beigemacht das wieder geradezubiegen und habs tatsächlich fast neu geschrieben: Fotostrecke Anpassen

Noch bin ich nen Javascript-n00b. Also der Code sieht vielleicht etwas unelegant aus. Zb. hab ichs nicht auf die Reihe bekommen die “1 VON 15″ Zeichenkette einfach zu spalten weil dort statt normalen ” “-Freizeichen “ ” eingebaut wurde… Aber wie auch immer: Jetzt gehts!

Update: Ich musste nochma ran. Die ham nochmehr von diesen dümmlichen “ ” eingebaut… backup hier: spiegel_online_fotostrec.user.js

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