me so r00t

Hi! I’ve just installed the blog root-style to and not to a sub-folder anymore. Making a new title-screen I just didn’t fancy and anyhow it much better that way, isn’t it? :] .

Plus: I finally got that links colored! Firebug for Firefox is a darn nice tool for jobs like that!

Btw: the blogs now running the fresh out of the box WordPress 2.5! The Gengo-language-plugin surprisingly seems to get along with that!! ;] But actually I’m tooo lazy to translate every post! Darn I’m even too lazy to post at all!! Still no Mel-script, nothing bout demoszene, XNA and Autohotkey… A posting-related wasteland. At least some backgroundphotos I could upload.

Oh well.. so much to do.

I incidentally found that one can make simple direct line-feeds with shift+enter!
(or could you do that before??)
The usual enter always creates a clause.

A whole new universe inaugurates for me! (really, that cheesy sentence was easier in german :] )

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