song of the day: The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give

This made my day: The good old Cinematic Orchestra.

Somehow I always though that “Slip Into Something More Comfortable” (sadly not on YouTube) is by them.. But it’s obviously “Kinobe” … Hmm ok then this must be another song… hmmm…

Btw: I just also added this to my Secret Agent Playlist on YouYube.
Secret Agent is a simply amazing internet radio channel on the also awesome Soma FM station. Strongly recommended!

vimeo bigger video

A little more JavaScripting.. If you go to vimeo. e.g. like this:

you might recognize that the video is quite small and you cannot do something about it (besides fullscreen, and waiting 3,5h for the flash-Esc-fullscreen message to disappear). Now you can!


btw: is a little slow these days. Here is a backup: vimeo_bigger_video.user.js

vimeo bigger video

Nochn kleines bißchen mehr JavaScripterei.. Wenn du mal zu vimeo gehst. So z.B.:

dann müsst du feststellen, dass das Video relativ klein ist und man daran nix ändern kann (ausser Vollbild natürlich und gefühlte 3,5h auf das Ausblenden der flash-Escape-Meldung warten). Kann man jetzt!


btw: is gerade ganz schön lahm manchmal. Hier isn backup bei mir: vimeo_bigger_video.user.js


I just received the xBox newsletter. Usually I just scroll it over and throw it away. But now I put a click inbetween these two actions. It was a click on the “Watch trailer” Button for DJ Hero. Because I know Guitar Hero can be a lotta fun I’m wondering how the DJ pendant would perform…

But as I was at the website clicking on another trailer button they threw a shiny blue Install Microsoft Silverlight button at me! :puke:

Say what the shit?! I use Firefox 3.5, we have year 2009, there is HTML 5. We actually don’t need ANY plugin anymore to watch videos! So why whould I install a new plugin to just watch that darn trailer?!?!

And why does it take so long to get rid of that shit? I think one major video site should finally make the move towards HTML 5 videos.

Its about time!!

Zensursula und die Kipowindmühlen

Ich bin tatsächlich noch nie über Kipo-Seiten im Internet gestolpert! Wirklich! Schwör isch Mann!

Aber die Masse und die davon ausgehende Gefahr muss ja immens sein so wie gerade Wind gemacht wird. Nungut … mach ich mal nen bißchen mit: (Danke Olaf für den Anstoß)

Diesen NDR-Beitrag würd ich genauso unterzeichnen wie ich es schon mit der Petition gemacht hab (Dazu forde ich auch jeden anderen auf!)

Auf dem Weg bin ich auch nochmal über das hier gestolpert:

Jetzt wird zurück zensiert.
Wir verstecken das Netz vor Internet-Ausdruckern.

Wirklich großartig! Wenn ich mal ne Minute mehr hab werd ich den code dazu auch noch einbauen.

Sussurro-Video online!

Das musste mir erst jemand anders mitteilen!!

Wie ich jetzt auch mal unter about geschrieben hab, spiele ich ja bei der Sambagruppe Sussurro do Asfalto mit. Letzes Jahr wurden wir ein paar mal vom Raymond und Mirko mit Kamera und Mikro begleitet wobei ein sehr cooles Video entstanden ist. Das ist mittlerweile auch online bei youtube zu sehen! Ja, ich bin der Typ mit dem Schlips :] So Sehet:

Der Sound kommt auch überraschend gut wie ich finde. Denn jegliche Aufnahmen von Sambabands klingen meist son bißchen meh. Kein Vergeich mit wirkich dabei zu sein! Nächstes mal lad ich euch auch ein hier ;]


pchew… I got the stone rolling 😀

ok, this is the homepage for melDrop. I gonna fill it by the time. For now its just a placeholder. Stay tuned.

I just uploaded melDrop to but they gonna take a moment to approve it.

Update: Ok melDrop is up at highend3D:

melDrop – Maya script installer

There should be everthing you need to know about that. I updated resetPivot and temporary uploadet melDropEnabler to sendspace to be awailable as long as its not up at highend as well.
Ah yea and I created a little transparent logo!

ok. Lets give it a try. I gonna make a post on cgtalk about that ^^

Update: Ok I posted at cgtalk, percutio (german Maya forum) and now highend3D as well.. No comments so far. Its been 3 days! They don’t like it 🙁

I mean .. its not the video, isn’t it? People say its a little fast. I know.
Shall I make another recording and then everthing goes BAM??! 😀 I don’t think so. Nah whatever.. I gonna use it anyway.

do-what-I-mean-shit with Autohotkey

Hehe :]

Technical director floh wasn’t thrilled.. But I actually was looking for a way to do this long time:

If you script code sometimes you define stuff, a variable e.g. at the point where you finally want to use this variable you need to go back to the definition somehow (via mouse or cursor) copy it and return to the point where you felt like having that variable available. A word-autocomplete might help in that case as well. But if your var has a long prefix and … nah!

What I actually was looking for:

  • you get the idea: Oh I need this from over there
  • I press a hotkey to remember the position
  • you move to the thing you need and select it
  • you press another hotkey

then its finished: The piece you where looking for is at the spot.
Ok now chill the fuck out: I got this:

This has nothing to do with the code editor: Its all Autohotkey:

  • on Ctrl+Ins it figures out the typing-cursor/caret-position (does not always work FF e.g.)
  • places a tooltip and waits for you to press enter
  • you make a selection somewhere else
  • If you press Enter: It gets the selection
  • clicks the mouse to the old position
  • inserts the selection
  • restores clipboard and mouse position

Thats actually it! If you want to take a look at my puny source code:
or even want to test it out without having Autohotkey try the .exe:
(virus total online check link: suspicios file… well it waits for your keystroke.. 😉 )

First I had an ac’tivAid UserHotkey-snippet without the hotkey on/off crap… but somehow UserHotkeys somehow deselects the current window. Need to look into this later… This example works much better. So it doesn’t matter if you click via mouse or select with keyboard.

BUT: now the downsides:

  • I made it cancel when you scroll with the mouseWheel
  • but if you scroll somehow else its broken of course! Works only on screenspace!
  • some apps do not support the caret-position. Like Firefox for instance.

try on your own risk of course ;]

song of the day: Fanta 4 – Lass die Sonne rein

Hach ja die juten alten Zeiten. Das lief heute mal hoch und runter :]
neben nen paar anderen Sachen, aber das am meisten… mehr muss man da nicht sagen. Spassmucke, aber auch echt ma zum zuhören meiner Meinung nach:

Update: Pardon, ich musste das Video ändern, war offline und bei dem hier gibst nen total lauten Anfangseinspieler… bäh! Aber danach is alles super! Versprochen!