scripting me

Yes! A scripting post. I could apologize (via) but I rather don’t ;]

First the most recent stuff! 2 tiny tiny micro nano releases:

You know, creativity comes from when not satisfied with the present. And this time I again was unsatisfied with the game page of minecraft. When playing on a widesceen display this 8xx width is just too tiny and fullscreen is inapropriate either when you cannot focus on the game entirely… (having these blocky graphics on 1920×1080 doesn’t cut it anyway)

So, I started Firebug over again, stretched minecrafts java applet plus the surrounding layout manually. But this time I thought: “Darn someone must have done this before!” And I was right! Now all the snippets on didn’t seem to work for me. I read some of the code and seems I fixed what was missing:

before / after:

Hooray! And as I browsed through the handful actually installed scripts I’ve seen another stub that seemed to not work so far. First was easy, so lets do another round I thought! This time it was a little more complicated. On the center column can only found by a class name. But there are functions for that:

before / after:

So I managed to shed a little more light on my JavaScript insight. I don’t know if the ice is already broken and if there will be more now.. But as I read mr.doob already JS was interesting to me already for long.

On the other hand I made huge progress on the Python side. Maya-toolwise that is so far. But I guess I’m far from releasing something. Not to forget that is out now! That means I maybe tinker around with Qt via Python soon 😀

Before I forget!: There is more scripting news! It’s already a little late but important to say: Autohotkey is now Autohotkey_L. Meaning the main developer chris turned away from it and handed over to the really ambitious guy Lexicos. The L version supports objects, arrays, 64bit support and Unicode! うん!

I don’t know what that means for ac’tivAid so far. I’m still willing to support it however and whenever (more importantly 🙁 ) I can. But could be quite some work to finally port it from basic to L.

Whoops I tagged it MEL too…. hmm what can I say about that? Nothing new.. Work still involves a lot of Maya and so Mel but there is no real progression. Mel is dead already. And thats good that way. I still does a lot of workload but it deserves to rest 🙂

new Drakensang: Awesome Special Edition

Yeeaa.. Shameless selfpromotion. But the Technical Director already blogged about it as well and personally we don’t have any benefits from it. But its just nice anyway:

Our fresh new Drakensang: River of Time will also be released as personalised Special Edition! 🙂 which you are already able to preorder at Amazon. As you can read there:

  • your name on the packaging
  • one selfnamed ingame-item
  • certificate with your name on it
  • map made of cloth
  • a game of cards
  • poster
  • soundtrack

Quite considerable I think! I’m looking forward to my deposit copy!! hehe

neues Drakensang: Krasse Special Edition

Jajaa.. Schamlose Eigenwerbung. Aber der Technical Director hat auch schon darüber gebloggt und persönlich haben wir ja nix davon: Schön trotzdem:

Unser neues Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit erscheint demnächst in einer personalisierten Special Edition! 🙂 Die kann man bei Amazon vorbestellen. Wie dort zu lesen:

  • eigener Name auf der Verpackung
  • ein selbstbenanntes Ingame-Teil
  • Zertifikat mit Name drauf
  • dazu noch Stoffkarte
  • Kartenspiel
  • Poster
  • Soundtrack

Beachtlich wie ich finde! Da freu ich mich auf mein Belegexemplar!! höhö


I just received the xBox newsletter. Usually I just scroll it over and throw it away. But now I put a click inbetween these two actions. It was a click on the “Watch trailer” Button for DJ Hero. Because I know Guitar Hero can be a lotta fun I’m wondering how the DJ pendant would perform…

But as I was at the website clicking on another trailer button they threw a shiny blue Install Microsoft Silverlight button at me! :puke:

Say what the shit?! I use Firefox 3.5, we have year 2009, there is HTML 5. We actually don’t need ANY plugin anymore to watch videos! So why whould I install a new plugin to just watch that darn trailer?!?!

And why does it take so long to get rid of that shit? I think one major video site should finally make the move towards HTML 5 videos.

Its about time!!

Xbox 360 in Japan: TOTALLY Sold Out!

That I may witness that!!!

In Japan 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia just arrived in the shelves and obviously now you can’t get any Xbox 360 until the next shipment next month! Microsoft is even appologizing to the customers (see Kotaku-link^).
Of course I’m a little happy about that 😀 I’m quite a fanboy of that piece of Jet …

Now they’re even shortening the prices over there! According to german is available for 126€ (¥19,800). That even beats nintendos standard console price of ¥25,000 considerably! (Nintendos consoles always cost ¥25,000!)

360 FTW!!!1

Xbox 360 in Japan: TOTALLY Sold Out!

Daß ich DAS noch erleben darf!!!

In Japan kam Tales of Vesperia raus und nun gibts Anscheinend bis zur nächsten Liferung nächten Monat keine einzige Xbox 360 in Japan zu kaufen! Microsoft entschuldigt sich dafür sogar noch bei den Kunden! (siehe Link bei Kotaku^)
Klar freut mich das irgendwie 😀 Bin ja nen schon nen kleiner Fanboy von der Düse…

Nun kürzen sie da auch noch die Preise: Die olle Arcade Version gibts laut schon für umgerechnet 126€ (¥19,800) womit sie sogar den Nintendo Standard-Preis von ¥25,000 deutlich unterbieten (Alle Nintendo Konsolen kosten genau 25000 Yen schon seit Jahrzehnten)

360 FTW!!!1

entgegen allen Erwartungen

Jaja, ziemlich peinlich: Ich hab meine nagelneue GTA IV DVD in Arsche gemacht! Ich hab das unglaublichst Dumme angestellt: Ich hab die xBox 360 währens sie lief hingelegt. Und natürlich wie solls auch anders sein musste es die GTA-disk sein… BAD MOVE!!! Voila: ein paar ziemlich fette runde Kratzer auf der Scheibe und eine xBox die rummeckert, daß sies nicht gebacken kriegt.

Ok. Was nun? Ersma rumheulen bei den Kollegen. Bringt nicht viel.. Dann: Auf der Publisher-website rumstöbern. Tadaaaaa: Volltreffer! Die Super-Duper Take2-CD/DVD-Umtausch Aktion!! – 10€ und dir wird die Disk einfach so ersetzt. Jeil wa? Nur … : NICHT für GTA IV!

Gleich an dem Tag nach dem traurigen Unfall hab ich die Seite entdeckt und schonmal diesen Service für die PS3 verfügbar gesehen. Ok, dacht ich mir, dann schalten sie das für die xBox auch noch frei. Pustekuchen: Am Nachmittag wars für PS3 auch wieder weg. Die haben genau dieses Spiel tatsächlich ausgeschlossen. Ich hab ein paar Support-Mails die mich einfach wieder zum Händler schicken. .. Die Händler-Story ist kurz: Ich kann nicht gut lügen, wurde schnell wieder in den Wind gejagt. Wie auch immer: Genug geflennt: Der Sonnenschein-Teil:

Ich hab dann etwas anderes unglaubliches getan, unglaublich clever in dem Fall wie ich finde ;] Auch wenn es ander nicht gleich so gesehen haben:

Ich hab so ein Disk-Repair-Set bestehend aus nem Baumwolltuch nebst Politur gekauft. Ganz hoffnungsvoll hab ich das diversen Leuten erzählt und wirklich immer nur Gesichter und Fragen geerntet als wenn ich eben gesagt hätte: “Hey kiekma! Ich hab da dieses Voodoo-Magie-Dingdong gekauft. Nu beschwör ich die DVD einfach und dann is die heile!!! Wirklich!”

Weit gefehlt! Wegen der Tiefe der Kratzer hats vielleicht nen bißchen länger gedauert als angegeben (2-3min). Aber nach ca 5-6min polieren hatte mich Liberty City wieder zurück!!

against all odds

Yes! Very awkward: I crashed my brand new GTA IV DVD! Shame on me. I did the impossible stupid: I turned my xBox 360 from standing to lying while running with a DVD inserted! And because it was so shiny and new it had to be the GTA DVD… BAD MOVE!!! Voila: several very considerable scratches at the surface, xBox nagging being unable to read.

Ok. What now? First whining to my colleagues. Not much success. Then: looking for the publisher website! Tadaaaaa: The cool cool take2 CD/DVD-replacement service!! (german) – 10€ and your disk will be replaced. Nice huh! But NOT for GTA IV!

The day after the cheerless accident I recognised that website I’ve seen the service available for PS3 already! I thought Ok they did it for PS3, xBox will follow probably. But in the afternoon they removed the game from the PS3 list already as wel! Yea that game is somehow excluded from the service! I got several support mails saying something like “Go to your dealer”.. The dealer story is short.: I’m not good at lying so they sent me away quite soon. However I’m done crying. Head on to the sunshine-part:

I finally did something other obviously impossible. But impossibly smart this time I think ;] Even if everybody else didn’t seem to see it that way:
I bought a disk-repair set! Consisting of a cotton-rag and a tube of polish. Smiling I told some peeps about that and really always got reactions like I said: “Hey I just bougth this Voodoo-Magic-thingie. I gonna conjure that DVD fixed in no time!!”

Far from it! Because of the deepness of the scratches it took a little longer than suggested (2-3min). But about 5-6minutes of polishing I’m back in LC like never before!!