vimeo bigger video

A little more JavaScripting.. If you go to vimeo. e.g. like this:

you might recognize that the video is quite small and you cannot do something about it (besides fullscreen, and waiting 3,5h for the flash-Esc-fullscreen message to disappear). Now you can!


btw: is a little slow these days. Here is a backup: vimeo_bigger_video.user.js

vimeo bigger video

Nochn kleines bißchen mehr JavaScripterei.. Wenn du mal zu vimeo gehst. So z.B.:

dann müsst du feststellen, dass das Video relativ klein ist und man daran nix ändern kann (ausser Vollbild natürlich und gefühlte 3,5h auf das Ausblenden der flash-Escape-Meldung warten). Kann man jetzt!


btw: is gerade ganz schön lahm manchmal. Hier isn backup bei mir: vimeo_bigger_video.user.js Fotostrecke Anpassen

Der Herr * hatte mal nen schönes Greasemonkey-Script für die Spiegel Online Fotostrecke geschrieben.: Spiegel Online Fotostrecke Anpassen. Das nimmt diese doofe Übersichtsseite (z.B.) aus der Schleife und man kann die Fotos einfach durchklicken und kommt am Anfang wieder an ohne zu denken: ÄHH! WASn JETZT los? SPAM?

Leider geht das nich mehr. Wurde zwar im September erst geupdatet aber offensichtlich wurde da ne Menge auf im Hintergrund umgestellt. Na ich hab mich ma beigemacht das wieder geradezubiegen und habs tatsächlich fast neu geschrieben: Fotostrecke Anpassen

Noch bin ich nen Javascript-n00b. Also der Code sieht vielleicht etwas unelegant aus. Zb. hab ichs nicht auf die Reihe bekommen die “1 VON 15″ Zeichenkette einfach zu spalten weil dort statt normalen ” “-Freizeichen “ ” eingebaut wurde… Aber wie auch immer: Jetzt gehts!

Update: Ich musste nochma ran. Die ham nochmehr von diesen dümmlichen “ ” eingebaut… backup hier: spiegel_online_fotostrec.user.js

scripting me

Yes! A scripting post. I could apologize (via) but I rather don’t ;]

First the most recent stuff! 2 tiny tiny micro nano releases:

You know, creativity comes from when not satisfied with the present. And this time I again was unsatisfied with the game page of minecraft. When playing on a widesceen display this 8xx width is just too tiny and fullscreen is inapropriate either when you cannot focus on the game entirely… (having these blocky graphics on 1920×1080 doesn’t cut it anyway)

So, I started Firebug over again, stretched minecrafts java applet plus the surrounding layout manually. But this time I thought: “Darn someone must have done this before!” And I was right! Now all the snippets on didn’t seem to work for me. I read some of the code and seems I fixed what was missing:

before / after:

Hooray! And as I browsed through the handful actually installed scripts I’ve seen another stub that seemed to not work so far. First was easy, so lets do another round I thought! This time it was a little more complicated. On the center column can only found by a class name. But there are functions for that:

before / after:

So I managed to shed a little more light on my JavaScript insight. I don’t know if the ice is already broken and if there will be more now.. But as I read mr.doob already JS was interesting to me already for long.

On the other hand I made huge progress on the Python side. Maya-toolwise that is so far. But I guess I’m far from releasing something. Not to forget that is out now! That means I maybe tinker around with Qt via Python soon 😀

Before I forget!: There is more scripting news! It’s already a little late but important to say: Autohotkey is now Autohotkey_L. Meaning the main developer chris turned away from it and handed over to the really ambitious guy Lexicos. The L version supports objects, arrays, 64bit support and Unicode! うん!

I don’t know what that means for ac’tivAid so far. I’m still willing to support it however and whenever (more importantly 🙁 ) I can. But could be quite some work to finally port it from basic to L.

Whoops I tagged it MEL too…. hmm what can I say about that? Nothing new.. Work still involves a lot of Maya and so Mel but there is no real progression. Mel is dead already. And thats good that way. I still does a lot of workload but it deserves to rest 🙂

Hooray its customize day!

Wow, so much cool stuff today:

I just installed a fresh (obviously released yesterday) Find Toolbar Tweaks-version for Firefox 3 from Joji Ikeda. That addon is really a helper highlighting you every occurrence of your search in Firefox. It was already in Firefox 2 but it got outdated for the time being. I remember that there was an occurrence counter … maybe he adds it later.. dunno: More:

I was already digging in gmails DOM to maybe write a greasemonkey script that widens the darn message-box when reading and replying. but as I’m too dumb for that Raffles beat me to it with the userscript: Gmail Full Width 2

btw: On lifehacker – a nerdish website about customizing, tools, environment, fitness and cheapass stuff (whatta punchout combo!) – a best of the best list was just posted. “Best Digital Photo Organizer”, “Best Instant Messenger”, “Best Desktop Media Player”…. All collected over some months only voted by the users of the site. One special contestant triumphed at 3 disciplines:

Best GTD Application: Pen and Paper
Best Note-Taking Tool: Pen and Paper
Best To-Do List Manager: Pen and Paper

Okok 3 quite similar things and I don’t know whats the main difference between “GetThingsDone Application” and “To-Do List Manager” but very interesting that this made it to the tops so widely. 😀

So go download your copy of Pen and Paper now!!

YouTube Theater Black2

I finally created my first Greasemonkey userscript!: 😀
YouTube Theater Black2

And if you install it youtube looks like ->

OKOK, I didn’t do it from scratch. I’ve seen the yet a little puny but cool . And the there included YouTube Theater. But that cuts away a little too much in my opinion. Then there is YouTube Theater Black. It already keeps the stuff but leaves it cluttered around after resizing the player and Text that is still written in black of course is no longer visible. Ok Now I just hacked this one with a little help from FireBug.:

  • like the others do: enlargens the player (a little bigger in my version. you know size matters)
  • like the others do: hides crap
  • background black
  • black text white
  • places the boxes nicely far under the player
  • removes the background of the searchbar

So still lots of Kudos to : Erik Nomitch (YouTube Theater) and Ivan Ivanovic (YouTube Theater Black)

Btw: The video I linked in the image: Very very funny and from Paul Fenwick! I wish all presentations would be made up like that. I wish I could do then when talking about scripting so people don’t hurt their heads no more on the table edges when dozing off.
There are other ones on his youtube page but very funny too was : SweeperBot 2000.

YouTube Theater Black2

Ich hab endlich mal ein Greasemonkey userscript geschrieben!: 😀
YouTube Theater Black2

Und wenn mans sich installiert sieht Youtube so aus ->

OKOK, Ich habs nun nicht komplett alleine gemacht. Ich hab mir mal angesehen (Firefox extension) und da gibts schon YouTube Theater (anderes userscript) mit drin. Allerdings hauts ganz schön viel weg. Und dann gibts da noch YouTube Theater Black. Das lässt die meinermeinung nach interessanten Elemente noch drin aber lässt sie einfach so rumliegen nachdem der Player größer skaliert wurde. Und schwarzer Text bleibt einfach schwarz. Kann man natürlich nich mehr lesen. Ok Nun hab ich das Ding einfach ma nen bißchen weitergehackt mithilfe von FireBug.:

  • wie bei den anderen: Macht den Player größer (nochn bißchen größer in meiner Version. Ihr wisst schon Es kommt auf die Größe an ;] )
  • wie bei den anderen: versteckt uninteressanten Dreck
  • Hintergrund schwaz
  • schwazer Text weiss
  • verschiebt die Bedienelemente vernünftig angeordnet weit unter den Player
  • versteckt den Hintergrund der Suchleiste

Vielen Dank trotzdem an: Erik Nomitch (YouTube Theater) & Ivan Ivanovic (YouTube Theater Black)

Btw: Das Video das ich in dem Bild verlinkt hab is sehr sehr geil! Von Paul Fenwick. Ich wünschte alle solche Präsentationen wären so aufgemacht. Wünschte ich könnt das auch, so daß die Studenten sich nicht mehr die Köpfe am Tisch aufschlagen wenn sie beim einschlafen abrutschen.
Auf Pauls youtube Seite sind noch andere videos. Sehr lustig war noch : SweeperBot 2000.