Whats going on…

Hmmm been a while, huh? I’m a little rushed from some sides. But there is a lot up!

At the moment I’m actually blogging from the tUM in Karlsruhe Durlach! So Yes! a little demoscene again. And looks like I’m going to do a release myself! okok nothing really special: There is a music loop compo held. Its about a small piece of music (7sec) thats made to be played over again 3 or 4 times without getting boring. Actually my speciallity. Because every time I make music I don’t get past making loops. Finishing a track is not my cup of tea. I like arranging live. Isn’t it more exiting anyway? For apology on this spot I could say that good old Aril Brikha is recording his records this way only (at least I strongly believe he is doing it that way)! :]
If oficially released I gonna make the releases of our group available here.

Not much time for mel scripting though. But theres been at lease a little buzz on cgtalk about melDrop. But looks like I already threw it all over again on paper 😀

Next version melDrop will be only directly available for script authors. Users get the melDrop script in the zips already so they don’t need to bother. Actually that wors already but I have some more thing up my sleeve that I need to work on the interface for. Apropos interface: This is gonna be awesome next version! All settings on one page. All on one view. You click Ok and see the installation progress and thats it. Plus arbitrary number of attached files and shelfButtons and Hotkeys with arbitrary commands.

The blog needs care as well I know.. I’d need to finish the about page and the language integration. But I upgraded to wordpress 2.7! Its not perfect but real cool that the next upgrades will be sans manually copy file by file.

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