while you wait – yep! myspace flash equalizer sucks

A while ago I discussed that crappy mySpace-Fake-Equalizer with someone… You know that colored Display thingie that does everything but react to the music. But who the heck was that? Anyway! I claimed to know that there is already a flash-player that manages this. Now look at this! I’ve found it again:


Oddly the display is scaled horizontally .. but I think you can see that when the sound is low the display goes low too. Ok ok compared to the stuff with flash by now. Thats no worldwonder no more ;]

But for sure the proof : the thing on mySpace is crap!
Nah.. whatever.. I finally own such a minging mySpace-page as well :/ fuck!

Ahhh but don’t forget the record! As schmoov! is kickass anyhow “while you wait” is a beatyful piece! Okok, I admit I almost only bought the record for “In yo Soul” (*melt*), but the rest is very enjoyable as well!

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