against all odds

Yes! Very awkward: I crashed my brand new GTA IV DVD! Shame on me. I did the impossible stupid: I turned my xBox 360 from standing to lying while running with a DVD inserted! And because it was so shiny and new it had to be the GTA DVD… BAD MOVE!!! Voila: several very considerable scratches at the surface, xBox nagging being unable to read.

Ok. What now? First whining to my colleagues. Not much success. Then: looking for the publisher website! Tadaaaaa: The cool cool take2 CD/DVD-replacement service!! (german) – 10€ and your disk will be replaced. Nice huh! But NOT for GTA IV!

The day after the cheerless accident I recognised that website I’ve seen the service available for PS3 already! I thought Ok they did it for PS3, xBox will follow probably. But in the afternoon they removed the game from the PS3 list already as wel! Yea that game is somehow excluded from the service! I got several support mails saying something like “Go to your dealer”.. The dealer story is short.: I’m not good at lying so they sent me away quite soon. However I’m done crying. Head on to the sunshine-part:

I finally did something other obviously impossible. But impossibly smart this time I think ;] Even if everybody else didn’t seem to see it that way:
I bought a disk-repair set! Consisting of a cotton-rag and a tube of polish. Smiling I told some peeps about that and really always got reactions like I said: “Hey I just bougth this Voodoo-Magic-thingie. I gonna conjure that DVD fixed in no time!!”

Far from it! Because of the deepness of the scratches it took a little longer than suggested (2-3min). But about 5-6minutes of polishing I’m back in LC like never before!!

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