Ahh releasing is just great! Now.. I got nothing :]

But I’m working on it! And I just want to shout it out here to make it myself aware and that cheap essay writing services its important! No matter what it actually is. If finally a new Mix, some graphics or something scripted.

Last weekend I went to the MAOW 09. The Mozilla Add On Workshok. That took place at c-base. Different lectures about stuff about Firefox. There was a speech of one of the original Mozilla guys and he had something is his slides:

release early, release often

you may know that one. So True if its about free projects or beta versions (the opinions may differ if its about commercial things like computergames … nope there is nothing to differ: these should be as bugfree as possible when coming to the market) With those things I do, say open source scripts for the closed source Maya or Autohotkey-stuff this is very appropriate of course!

But the next phrase! That one really catched me:

If you’re not embarrassed by your initial release
you waited too long!

Bam! I’m always tinkering until the cows come home. But what are versions for? And how shall I get feedback If I don’t publish?! So out with that shit!

Big on the agenda and hopefully here soon:

  • toolSyncTool
  • sunshine house mixtape
  • ewerybody in the house so blue – mixtape
  • lowtion – mixtape
  • ac’tivAid promo-screencast
  • melDrop 2
  • runAndHide

ok get going… Ehmm nope its so late alread…

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