sick icons

Hey! Long time no see!

d!o of replyed! Hooray I may use the cool john&john-smilies to replace some of the boring wordpress ones. Now for:

  • 🙂 you type : ] or : )
  • 😀 you type : D
  • 😉 you type ; ) or ; – )
  • 😮 you type 8 O or : o
  • 😛 you type : p or : – P
  • 🙁 you type : (
  • :puke: you type : puke :

Just like before but … explained! (Of course you’d have to write the key-letters together. Not like in the example with spaces.)
The wink and the mad-smiley could be a little more expressive though, but they rock as well. Fine thing: they all match my booger-color-scheme quite perfectly!

And for the ^ ^-thingy: I just hacked wordpress’ functions.php to make that a ^^ as well. For some peeps that seemed not clear enough but now I guess it should be.

Works in the comments as well… so you may give it a try. :]

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