YouTube Theater Black2

I finally created my first Greasemonkey userscript!: 😀
YouTube Theater Black2

And if you install it youtube looks like ->

OKOK, I didn’t do it from scratch. I’ve seen the yet a little puny but cool . And the there included YouTube Theater. But that cuts away a little too much in my opinion. Then there is YouTube Theater Black. It already keeps the stuff but leaves it cluttered around after resizing the player and Text that is still written in black of course is no longer visible. Ok Now I just hacked this one with a little help from FireBug.:

  • like the others do: enlargens the player (a little bigger in my version. you know size matters)
  • like the others do: hides crap
  • background black
  • black text white
  • places the boxes nicely far under the player
  • removes the background of the searchbar

So still lots of Kudos to : Erik Nomitch (YouTube Theater) and Ivan Ivanovic (YouTube Theater Black)

Btw: The video I linked in the image: Very very funny and from Paul Fenwick! I wish all presentations would be made up like that. I wish I could do then when talking about scripting so people don’t hurt their heads no more on the table edges when dozing off.
There are other ones on his youtube page but very funny too was : SweeperBot 2000.

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