I just received the xBox newsletter. Usually I just scroll it over and throw it away. But now I put a click inbetween these two actions. It was a click on the “Watch trailer” Button for DJ Hero. Because I know Guitar Hero can be a lotta fun I’m wondering how the DJ pendant would perform…

But as I was at the website clicking on another trailer button they threw a shiny blue Install Microsoft Silverlight button at me! :puke:

Say what the shit?! I use Firefox 3.5, we have year 2009, there is HTML 5. We actually don’t need ANY plugin anymore to watch videos! So why whould I install a new plugin to just watch that darn trailer?!?!

And why does it take so long to get rid of that shit? I think one major video site should finally make the move towards HTML 5 videos.

Its about time!!

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