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Short Story: Want a short link to a spot on google maps? Without a url-shortener service?

look it up at gmaps, get an about 200digit “link” from the upper right, throw away anything but the ll= and the z=-tags:,-73.972113&z=20

want a marker? Rightklick on a map and say “What’s here?”, get the link from upper right and do the same but with the q=-tag included:,-73.972099&ll=40.662487,-73.972113&z=20

For that I made a small Autohotkey script to use with ac’tivAid.:


If you are Autohotkey-able you could easily add an own hotkey to the script.. but … ;]

if you want the whole rant…:

You may know this situation: When you just want to tell a friend over email, instant messager, twitter or whatever: Ok lets meet at THIS corner! You could do the following:

Goto, search something, zoom in on the location, hit Link and copy it. Ok works but why is that Link so unbelievable long? this for instance is 199 digits!!!,-95.677068&sspn=43.983628,74.003906&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=New+York&ll=40.662404,-73.972113&spn=0.000646,0.001129&t=h&z=20

So I did a little trial and error to find out if I can shorten this thing a little just out of google maps already without another URLsortener like or (which would also disguise the URL):
Ok: so there is “maps” twice. It works without. It does without the “f=q” “source=s_q” the empty “geocode=” and “hl=en” as well. I could even do without the “q=new+york” because it doesn’t matter what I looked up before. “ie=UTF8”, another empty “hq=” and “t=h” can be skipped as well. whithout “hnear=New+York” it still shows the spot! Wow I can even throw away “spn=0.000646,0.001129” AND “sspn=43.983628,74.003906” AND “sll=37.0625,-95.677068”.

Now I only have:,-73.972113&z=20
And it still exactly shows what I mean with 146 characters less!

If I actually want an arrow at a spot. Yes I could go for My Maps… I would have to set up a new map, name it and “Ok” it, “Done” it, click “Send” copy another 183 character link … This is not what we want google!

Now ok I found a trick:
I right click and say “What’s Here?” at the spot. I immediately get a nice green arrow. (that I can’t move.. but ok, I can click at another spot). Now thats alredy something! A link from “Link” again yields an incredible mammoth. If we apply the learned we can shrink it to,-73.972099&ll=40.662487,-73.972113&z=20

Yay! Ok the positions almost match! But if I leave out the q= I won’t have an arrow. And If I get rid of the ll= it zooms to the next found thing, which is quite not what I wanted.

And with some more tryouts: You can omit 1 digit from each q-marker coordinate and still have adequate precision (probably depends on the zoomlevel z= as well, with less zoom you might ditch some more digits, but with 2 its already quite off). And when you skip 2 digits from each ll=float you still have a good view on what you mean.,-73.97209&ll=40.6624,-73.9721&z=20

Ok google! Why not make this simpler? Offer a straigtforward way to say “here”! That simply creates that creates a click-drag-movable marker. And If you click it pops up a field with a short link to the spot that shows an arrow.
I bet there are still some free letters in your server commands. Maybe you could even embedde the zoom into the command so the extra z=19 can be left out as well. For instance:

“,-73.972099” (of course this doesn’t work),-95.677068&sspn=43.983628,74.003906&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=New+York&ll=40.662404,-73.972113&spn=0.000646,0.001129&t=h&z=20

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