song of the day: eedl – spectrum

Spectrum by Miguel Eedl

From mr. doob I found out about mr. Miguel Eedl. There doob releases JavaScript experiments every now and then, writes about that in his blog and is obviously a demoscene-nerd! 😀

One simple but nice JavaScript demo 3D Waveform (HTML5) shows the waveform of one eedl song.

At one lovely evening at the pc I finally clicked on that link up there, listened to all the songs at, then at his soundcloud profile. Listened up and down, picked some favorites.. and now I have it playing somewhat constantly.

Spectrum (look and hear above) has really taken a shine to me :]
haaaach this contrabass .. and all in all that crisp sound of the songs. Respect! I actually prefer phythmic music. Sound is secondary. Groove is essential.
Of course the eedl-sound won’t make a lot of asses shaking. Without that clear sound it’d be worth nothing. But I really like it somehow.

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