For all the Maya scripting grandpas: For when you import files and want to know whats new: There is actually a returnNewNodes-flag at the file command! In former times (<v9) you had to code that all by yourself.. So there definitively wasn’t everything better! There^ you got it!

I just chatted about that with Nathan:

13:02: but when importing.. yea a success statement would be nice
13:02: or an array of imported objects!
13:03: THAT would be good
13:03: now that would be very good!
13:03: 🙂
13:03: 😀
13:03: I had to write a function to do that
13:03: yea me too!

That was actually about me finding a candidate for more Maya stupid-ness: In the file command docs at import they write that it returns the filename. That is you put something into it and it gives you back the same… bollocks.

(it fails somehow as there are lots of other commands that do it similar. But here it doesn’t even work! And there is no way of importing without a given filename. Contrary to creating a control for instance.)

One thought on “returnNewNodes(rnn)”

  1. Well yeah but this was hardly the hardest thing to do, but certainly sometimes they do add things that make sense.

    OTOH sometimes not so much.

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