Boulet – comic blogroll update

Damn! It’s been a while since I updated the blogroll! Of course when using a feed reader you don’t really think about this piece on you website so often. Would be great if its synced by default …. hmmmmm…

But however: There were a lot of things happening: got discontinued. It’s actually flagged as pron in our company! 😀 You see I really need to update the johnandjohn smileys again. Lunchbreath wasn’t even added and seems discontiuned as well. But I wouldn’t wanna miss any updates! Unbelievable that I never added xkcd here… standard nerd stuff :] …

Well check out the blogroll comic section —>
Let’s get to the real thing: Lots of comics are good for a chuckle. Often not even that but it’s worth the short while anyway. One comic I often find myself not clicking right away is The Bouletcorp. Because I know It’s gonna be more than just a click, chuckle, done. This guy has some comparably HUGE comics up his sleeve and know what: I’m always SO happy when I finally take the time to read one! No exception is the latest about an old french singer guy I never heard of. But it’s also about the love of space and science. Enjoy: Brassens In Space.


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