Multi-language works now!!!

whow! I didn’t know in whata mudwhole I just stepped installing gengo for wordpress 2.3.

I recognised several flaws making blogging with it quite lame:

  • the categories disapeared in the blog
  • category menu when writing in admin area was broken
  • gengo link in the admin area was broken…

I bet there was much more. But as you can imagine, blogging without categories is somehow … crap. Anyone who is looking for a multilanguage blog with the latest wordpress release will probably face this. Maybe there is another plugin but gengo just gave the best impression to me.

But now! Thanks to the bloggers in the WordPress 2.3 topic of gengos (inaccessible) support forum. (registration is admin moderated, admins last action was Sep 2007), wich started to fix some bugs here and there, then created a project at google code and finally offered a whole alpha patch (wich I’m successfully testing here and now), its working like a charm! :]

ok for now. good night. I’m looking forward.

2 thoughts on “Multi-language works now!!!”

  1. Congratulations…Congratulations (Song vorstellen…)

    Jetzt hätte ich gern noch avatare bzw gravatare & natürlich diverse einträge in der blogroll & podcasts & videos…


  2. Na bevor ich son Schnickschnack einbaue kriegen die comments noch nen Hintergrund, fixe ich dieses Admin-Problem (kann gerade keine weiteren Kategorien erstellen) und verlinke ich das multilanguage-Zeuch vernünftich.

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