Hooray its customize day!

Wow, so much cool stuff today:

I just installed a fresh (obviously released yesterday) Find Toolbar Tweaks-version for Firefox 3 from Joji Ikeda. That addon is really a helper highlighting you every occurrence of your search in Firefox. It was already in Firefox 2 but it got outdated for the time being. I remember that there was an occurrence counter … maybe he adds it later.. dunno: More:

I was already digging in gmails DOM to maybe write a greasemonkey script that widens the darn message-box when reading and replying. but as I’m too dumb for that Raffles beat me to it with the userscript: Gmail Full Width 2

btw: On lifehacker – a nerdish website about customizing, tools, environment, fitness and cheapass stuff (whatta punchout combo!) – a best of the best list was just posted. “Best Digital Photo Organizer”, “Best Instant Messenger”, “Best Desktop Media Player”…. All collected over some months only voted by the users of the site. One special contestant triumphed at 3 disciplines:

Best GTD Application: Pen and Paper
Best Note-Taking Tool: Pen and Paper
Best To-Do List Manager: Pen and Paper

Okok 3 quite similar things and I don’t know whats the main difference between “GetThingsDone Application” and “To-Do List Manager” but very interesting that this made it to the tops so widely. 😀

So go download your copy of Pen and Paper now!!

2 thoughts on “Hooray its customize day!”

  1. I searched all over the web and I can’t find a copy of Pen and Paper to download anywhere!

    yours sincerely
    A. Moron


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