nice site: Lifehacker

Why shouldn’t I post about when adding a new link. Nice Idea huh? :] is a real cool glog! There is almost everything I’m interested in besides 3D-Stuff, electronic music, games and demoscene and even more of topics that I really should take a deeper look into:

  • handy tools for every Operating system, even online and very likely free and Open Source
  • customization-stuff and scripts for all sorts of things: Browser, OS, Gadgets
  • helpful Tips & Tricks & Tutorials for OS and tools
  • collections and polls for “Best 5 things for …”

but even stuff like that:

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself)- and CheapAss-instructions for all kinds of things
  • tips for concentration and sorting tasks (getting things done stuff)
  • simple and comprehensible environment tips
  • fitness for nerds

Of course there is always crappy stuff flooding in e.g. Apple-news … *yawwwn*. But you get to know things beside your everyday round and if you are not happy with anything 100% (Texteditor, Calendar, Notestool..) might be there is already an alternative discussed at lifehacker.

If I finally get to release something Autohotkey-related I’ll definitely try to get it on Lifehacker! There isn’t even a dedicated ac’tivAid-Post! OKok, it lacks a cool presentation… My ac’tivAid-Vidcast is still long time coming ;] nah it will it will..

First I gonna get melDrop going. But thats a quite Maya-kind thing. More about that another time … (hopefully soon :D)

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