goodsoul.de is the private blog of Eric Werner.

I am Senior Technical Artist at Crytek in Frankfurt. Privately I also do 2D and 3D graphicdesigns for flyers and T-shirts. But I’m also DJing and producing electronic music of the style (deep, jazz, brazil, vocal, tech-) House, Breakbeats, Swing/Jazz and easy listening breaks for many many years now. I did music as well drumming in the sambagroups drumkitchen and Sussurro do Asfalto. Furthermore I’m member of the demoscene-group Brain Control.

If I find any time then I’m blogging here: about Berlin, tinkering, due to my work about python and scripting as well as games, due to being lazy a nerd and working on a computer about ac’tivAid and Autohotkey, generally about customizing, GTD (getting things done) and internet, maybe about some “real” coding in the future, plus diverse collections of things I find funny for any obscure reason and about everything else I like :]

the story of goodsoul.de:

The site exists since beginning of 2001. To be honest the names origin is actually from a 1999 released record of Sound Stream that was on heavy rotation at this time. Of course I got that one as well! :] Beautiful piece coming along with with some other nice songs. These days the record was played at techno- and housey sets at the same time. In Berlin probably as famous as Flat Eric or Aztek Mystik
It all began as a kind of community- and partycalendar-page for DJ-friends (Domenique Xander, Sylvester, Tomtom, ect… ) and me. But unfortunately it never really boomed. Anyhow I’ve always posted some text along with the dates. So it’s actually been some kind of blog back then already.

dj promo blurb:


strongly influenced by berlins early house and techno scene “ewerybody” became a rhythm junkie always seeking to meld deep, electro, groovy, stomping, jazz, brazil, breakbeat, tech and soul flavours from all over the world into a fresh and tasty juice that just keeps the feet moving.

played at: almost all over berlin: Geburtstagsklub, Kulturbrauerei, Sage, PirateRadio TwenFM, T34, Kiki Blofeld … ; north: Mira, Mensa, Bunker – Greifswald; south: camera – vienna, buenzli, winterthur; plus lounges, student-events little open airs, and many more local parties in and around Berlin..

favorites: Jimpster, Swag, Inland Knights, Vincenzo, Sneak, Phonique, Bgb, Freude am Tanzen … more

ewerybody on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ewerybody
ewerybody on discogs: discogs.com/user/ewerybody

hava lots of fun here! greetings: ëRiC (aka ewerybody aka goodsoul bad).


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