about goodsoul.de

Hello, my name is Eric and this is my website/blog for personal ramblings, collections of random stuff I come across and aaaaaall the projects I want to do and maybe even am doing already.

Who am I?

Professionally I'm a Principal Technical Artist at Crytek in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (What is that? Well, here is a pretty comprehensive video from Riot Games on YouTube about techart.) So, that might be a lot of things already and frankly it is! I used to do effects and had a kind of catch phrase like "fire, water, smoke, magic, explosions, butterflies" to outline what it's about. But that evolved to be tool & pipeline programming.

Privately I also do 2D and 3D graphic designs for flyers and T-shirts. But I’m also DJing and producing electronic music of the style (deep, jazz, brazil, vocal, tech-) House, Breakbeats, Swing/Jazz and easy listening breaks for many many years now. I did music as well drumming in the sambagroups drumkitchen and Sussurro do Asfalto. Furthermore I’m member of the demoscene-group Brain Control.