goodsoul blog 4.0

Yes, this is already the 4th installment of this website. And it's been 23 years since it all started! 😮 Emojis were not a thing already and like them almost any fancy looks had to be hacked together with gifs. Darn, even transparency was a problem and dedicated hacks for certain browsers (well, Internet Explorer mostly) were pretty common.

After all this time I am not even a web-geek! I know .. ehmm, better I can teach myself what I need to know for the problem in front of me in the moment and forget about it asap. So this here is my little experience with it :]

a little timeline

  1. 2001-2006 • hand crafted HTML frame jungle as a 'DJ friends calendar page' with "blog" notes.
  2. 2007-2008Movable Type php blog thing.
  3. 2008-2023Wordpress with tailored design (which broke somewhen, ).
  4. 2024-... • Staticly generated from md-files with Zola.

Why now Zola?

🤷 I don't know. First off, there was no way it would have been anything else than static. I have some experience with Hugo now. It's alright. I don't love the documentation. But guess I'm not alone there.

After spending some time with it now: the Zola-Docs aren't uber great either. For once I think the VS Code tooling for HUGO came a long way and Zola might be behind. I mean if the IDE helps you with most of the things you might not need to look up website-documentation at all!

For more there is Tera ... eh whut now?! 🧐 Well, Zola is built upon it. And you need to know that! Otherwise you end up scratching your head why there is no info in the Zola docs about simple things such as for loops

Blog TODO:

some resources used

Don't know if I really want to publish? Maybe screenshots?